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I Am an Incarnated Guru


My entire life has been in pursuit of the Highest Truth.

         I tell everyone:

“Spiritis eternal and matter is temporal!”

It can also be put this way:

“The Buddha-essence is eternal. The world of samsara is illusory!”

I tell people in the world:

“It’s time to wake up. If you don’t wake up, you will continue to transmigrate through births and rebirths in the world of illusions!”

I say:

“Everyone needs a spiritual teacher who can elevate one’s mind to recognize one’s true nature.”

* * *

In my childhood, my father was a violent man.

Of course, there was a reason for that. When I was born, my parents had not even been married ten months.

My father decided that I was not his son.

Hence, I had a tragic childhood!

Mother told me this story:

It happened when I was three years old.

Once when I was sick my mother tried to feed me some medicine.

I refused.

My father turned from behind and grabbed me from the chair. Screaming with anger, he yelled, “You won’t drink the medicine? Just die!”

Then he threw me like a basketball to the cement ground of the courtyard.

Mother shouted:

“He will die for sure this time!”

I flew through the air in a great arc before slamming into the ground.


It would be reasonable to say that my skull should have been cracked open, brain and blood flowing all over the ground, my limbs fractured, my body bruised, my blood streaming from my seven orifices, and my flesh turned to pulp.

My mother rushed to pick me up.

She listened to my chest and said:

“His heart still beats. Sheng-Yen is still alive.”

* * *

Later, when I became a guru, Golden Mother of Jade Pond told me:

“The concrete ground turned into a soft blanket.”

“Your Dharma protectors, the Four Heavenly Kings, used their eight hands to embrace you and gently put you on the blanket.”

Therefore, I am still alive.

Why am I alive?

Because I have a divine destiny. I am a guru who has come to the world of samsara to help deliver students who have affinity with me!

Many people will take refuge in me and attain Buddhahood.

After the age of twenty-six, I will live a solemn and wonderful life, shining brilliance into the past and the present and becoming a teacher of devas and humans.

I am a genuine guru.

Like all other genuine gurus born into the world, I have come to awaken living beings.

I am a jewel.

A jewel to wake up all sleeping jewels.


Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-Yen Lu

17102 NE 40th Court

Redmond, WA 98052


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