The Complete Set of Discourses on the Great Perfection Dharma (Vol. 1)

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The teachings of Great Perfection are the pinnacle of Tantrayana teaching, just as Mount Everest or Shengmu Feng in the Himalayas is the highest summit in this world. The ultimate fruition of Great Perfection Dharma is the rainbow body phenomenon. Padmasambhava transformed his body into a rainbow and vanished into empty space. In our school, we have the third highest achievement in Master Lianhua Yimin whose cremated body left behind a multitude of sariras. The second highest achievement is the body transforming into rainbow light, with clothing, hair, fingernails and toenails left behind. That is why Great Perfection teachings are the highest teachings.”

- His Holiness Living Buddha Lian-sheng, Grand Master Sheng-Yen Lu


From 2 June 2013 to 28 May 2016, H.H. Living Buddha Lian-sheng, Grand Master Sheng-Yen Lu, gave weekly teachings about the Great Perfection Dharma after homa ceremonies and group cultivation sessions. He explained the “outer three yanas” – shravaka-yana, pratyekabuddha-yana, and bodhisattva-yana; the “inner three yanas” – action tantra, performance tantra, and yoga tantra; and “supreme three yanas” – mahayoga, anuyoga, and atiyoga, which are collectively the nine stages of Nyingma encompassing all teachings within Tantrayana, as well as key concepts such as trekchö and tögal, thus providing a rare and precious introduction to these profound Dharma teachings.

This first volume of 23 talks from The Complete Set of Discourses on the Great Perfection Dharma contains full and unabridged English translations by Janny Chow that also include H.H. Living Buddha Lian-sheng’s introduction to various Tantrayana yidam deities. Rich with personal and historical anecdotes, lucid insights, and infused with his usual light-hearted humor, these teachings are a priceless gift of compassion and wisdom, a great blessing from H.H. Living Buddha Lian-sheng to sentient beings.

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