129 - Entering the Most Hidden Yin-Yang Realm

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A celebration to mark the commencement of a new book has absolutely never happened before.


Sheng-Yen Lu



How to enter?

This is indeed mysterious and incredible. The yin-yang realm is like a great enigma, which this book shall unravel bit by bit.

On the day I announced the writing of the one hundred and twenty-ninth book, Entering the Most Hidden Yin-Yang Realm, the weather was extraordinarily bizarre and underwent a myriad of transformations. Not only was it half cloudy and half sunny, there was even in the span of one day sun, rain, gale, lightning, thunder, hail, ice, and also a rainbow which appeared at the end.

In the span of a single day, all kinds of weather appeared; everyone proclaimed it strange.

What was going on? Was it coincidence?

When I walked downstairs from the upper floor of the True Buddha Quarter, I had a sudden great shock.

The entire lower floor of the True Buddha Quarter was crammed full of people, a huge crowd of people enough to fill mountains and seas. Actually, it was not a huge crowd of people, it was a huge crowd of ghosts. But I should not describe it as a huge crowd of ghosts enough to fill mountains and seas, because there is no such idiom [in Chinese]. The entire floor was simply packed with amilling crowd of ghosts.

“Hi, greetings to everyone!”

“How are you Living Buddha Lian-sheng?” the crowd of ghosts answered together as one voice.

“What happened? Is there a celebration or a birthday party?” I was baffled.

“We are celebrating the new book you begin to write.”

“The weather that just occurred?” I was beginning to understand.

“It was our doing,” said the crowd of ghosts (eight divisions of devas and ghosts).


I finally understood the symbols indicated by the crowd of devas and ghosts:

The presence of the sun, indicated the yang realm.

Rain, indicated the yin realm.

Gale, the power of spiritual transformation of the universe.

Lightning, the flashing of electrifying illumination of the wisdom of the universe.

Thunder, indicated a deliverance that would awe heaven and earth, as though with the force of earth-shaking thunder.

Hail, indicated the power of Dharma protectors.

Ice, indicated the power of Dharma protectors.

The rainbow, indicated the myriad exquisite transformations of the yin-yang realm.

Frankly, I have written one hundred and twenty-nine books, but there have been very few so-called “publicity events” for the new books, as well as very few celebration receptions for the new books. Only when I finished writing the one hundredth book was there a book launch reception in Taipei. A celebration to mark the commencement of a new book has absolutely never happened before.

Usually, I begin writing silently, complete the book silently, and publish the book silently. Not a stir is caused.

Now however, the universe was in a commotion, ghosts and celestial beings were all stirred up; the entire yin-yang realm had arrived with a vigorous force overwhelming enough to overturn rivers and seas, to celebrate the beginning of my new book.

Inwardly, I was surprised by the power and influence of Entering the Most Hidden Yin-Yang Realm; may my holding of this extremely powerful pen, with –


One stroke yang,

Two strokes yin,

Illuminate the entire yin-yang realm.

It is still this old sentence:

Believers will naturally believe.

Non-believers will not believe.

Whether to believe it or not is up to you.



July 1998

Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-Yen Lu

at True Buddha Quarter, Redmond, Washington


Sheng-Yen Lu

17102 NE 40th Ct.,

Redmond, WA 98052,


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