252 - Pith Teachings to Samadhi

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In dreams” or“during meditation,” as well as in this book, I will give you the essential pointers in attaining Buddhahood.


Sheng-Yen Lu


When I was 26 years old, as affinity would have it, an occasion took me to the Jade Emperor’s Palace in Taichung.

At the time, the temple was performing a ritual for the meeting of the yin and the yang — pulling in the dead, that is, an intercommunication between the spirits of the yin world and the human beings of the yang world.

Suddenly, there was an announcement from a lady dressed in cyan, “Looking for ‘Katsu’! Buddhas and bodhisattvas want me to find ‘Katsu’.”

I thought:

“Katsu”(かつ) is my Japanese name, that is, the “Sheng” in Sheng-yen Lu.

The name of the person asking for me was named Chiyo (ちよ, Ms. Lin Qiandai [in Chinese]).

Then,“Katsu” must be me.

The lady dressed in cyan wanted me to kneel before the altar.

I asked, “Why?”

She said, “You’ll know why when you kneel down.”

I said, “There is nothing.”

She said, “You’ll have to stay quiet and calm down!”

Finally, my heart calmed down.

From then on, my “third eye” was opened, and I could personally see Amitabha, Golden Mother of the Jade Pond, Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, and so on.

This was when I embarked, for the rest of this life, on the road to studying Buddhism.

The main point is “calming down.”

Then, the lady in cyan announced, “Sheng-yen Lu (Katsu) has buddha bones [the makings of a buddha].”

* * *

Many years passed and Yoga Master Chen Jianming went to Vancouver to propagate the Buddhist teachings. The driver was Mr. Lai Wenyan.

Mr. Lai Wenyan asked to take refuge in Yoga Master Chen.

Yoga Master Chen answered, “You are not my disciple. In the future, you will meet are vered master. He is unique in that he surpasses all masters. If you take refuge in him, you will reach attainment.”

Lai Wenyan asked, “Who is this man?”

Yoga Master Chen answered, “He is a buddha, a tiger-headed man.”

Later, Lai Wenyan took refuge in me. My surname Lu in written Chinese starts with a tiger head [Chinese character]. So, I am the tiger-headed man.

* * *

The above two stories are just opening remarks. Actually, my road to studying Buddhism had many twists.

In Exoteric Buddhism, I took refuge in Venerable Yin Shun, Reverend Leguo, and Venerable Tao-an.

In Vajrayana Buddhism, I took refuge in Reverend Liaoming, His Eminence Sakya Zhengkong Rinpoche, His Holiness the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa, Vajra Acharya Thubten Dargye, and others.

In addition, I had twenty-seven more guru masters, as well as others that came to me in my meditations and dreams. I benefited from all their teachings.

In this book, I want to tell all of you:

“In dreams” or “during meditation,” as well as in this book, I will give you the essential pointers in attaining Buddhahood. This is the main point of writing this book.

May you:

Benefit from reading this book.

Succeed in attainment from cultivation.


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