56 - The Great Perfection

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The Highest Vajrayana

Practice of Tibet


Sheng-Yen Lu


This is a secret book rarely seen in the world.

The Great Perfection [Dzogchen], the highest, most supreme, Tibetan Vajrayana practice, is now being revealed to the world. As the most secret of secret practices, its transmission has been forbidden.

It is something truly extraordinary in heaven and earth and also most unusual and rare that I, the Holy Red Crown Vajra Master, am revealing this forbidden secret in writing. It is the time Vajrayana is emerging, and this is the manifestation of  Vajrapani’s bodhicitta in the three times. Only because I am the secret vajra ruler do I dare reveal this supreme practice.

I am revealing this highest practice of Tibetan Vajrayana as it has been considered a secret, and no other master has dared to teach, write about, oropenly discuss it. Strictly speaking, there are vajra masters who don't fully understand the Great Perfection Practice. Although many know its name, few know its essential practice procedures. My writing about it now proves that the lineage of Master Sheng-Yen Lu is truly unparalleled and bears the authentic seal of Padmasambhava.

A momentous event inspired me to write this book:

I was meditating at the True Buddha Tantric Quarter in Redmond, Washington, USA. After entering samadhi, I saw my body grow larger and taller until it filled the entire void. My left hand held a sun (sun disc), while my right hand held a moon (moon disc). The sun and moon discs emitted tremendous brilliant light. The entire universe, including all the worlds in the ten-directions, illuminated and transformed into a pure land of magnificent brilliance. The radiance of the sun-moon discs I was holding illuminated the entire human realm, heralding the advent of a supreme and auspicious dharma in the world.

At that very moment, Dharma drums, replete with the meaning of the Dharma, resounded throughout the universe, causing heaven and earth to tremble. Withered twigs and branches sprouted new growth, trees and grass turned green, flowers blossomed, and fruit ripened. Every corner was instantly transformed into exuberant prosperity, signifying that with the birth of this great dharma, all sentient beings will be blessed, and that by cultivating it, will reach enlightenment.

During my meditation, through Padmasambhava’s direct Vajrayana teaching, The Holy Red Crown Vajra Master thoroughly comprehended Taoism, Sutrayana, and Vajrayana. The key formulas of all Sutrayana sutras, Vajrayana sadhanas, the absolute truth, the unsurpassed accomplishment, and the supreme practice of the Great Perfection were completely transmitted to me from Padmasambhava. In other words, the three karmas of vajra body, vajra speech, and vajra mind were transformed from consciousness into transcendental wisdom, and I was able to completely validate the Dharma body [dharmakaya], enjoyment body [sambhogakaya], and emanation body [nirmanakaya]. Upon this validation, I realized I am the oneness of Namo the Dharma body of Padmakumara constantly living in the three times; Namo the enjoyment body of Padmakumara in pure and immaculate form; and Namo the emanation body of Padmakumara with unlimited karmic manifestations.

When appearing in the meditation of Master Lian-sheng, Padmasambhava empowered Vajra Master Lian-sheng and bestowed this prediction: “In the future, because of Vajra Master Lian-sheng’s perfect realization of the Pure Land of Maha Twin Lotus Ponds of the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss, sentient beings will besaved. The majestic and dignified appearance of Master Lian-sheng is due to the merit of his non-duality with Padmasambhava. His Dharma talks will not only benefit human and celestial beings, but also Hinayana practitioners who will all take refuge in him. When Master Lian-sheng beats the great Dharma drum and blows the great Dharma conch, so many sentient beings will be saved that in the future, he will be considered unparalleled.”

During meditation, I saw a multitude of flowers blooming and myself holding a sun discand a moon disc. I knew the time had come to turn the Dharma wheel. Padmasambhava also told me,Now is the time to reveal the Great Perfection to one and all.” The opportunity to save sentient beings universally with Vajrayana has now arrived. It should no longer be kept secret. If Vajrayana continues to be transmitted in secret, sentient beings may lose this opportunity and fall into the lower realms, where they will never be saved. Padmasambhava continued, “You, the secret ruler, must immediately go forth and save sentient beings.”

I replied, “Sentient beings are ignorant. I won’t be able to save them.”

Padmasambhava interjected, “If you forsake your vows, the human realm will not be purified.”

I answered, “I will never abandon my vows. I will discourse on the supreme dharma.”

Because I am the secret vajra ruler, I began to write about the highest practice of Tibetan Vajrayana. I know that all buddhas of the ten directions and three times illuminate this world with brilliant light and prepare an infinite number of Dharma boats. I also know that the radiance emitted from the master has disturbed the three maras of celestial, earth, and human realms and these maras are now spreading the three poisons, inducing those with black hearts to persecute the master. These maras confuse black and white, reverse right and wrong, and twist the truth by claiming there is no such thing as cause and effect, causing sentient beings to become depraved and do evil. Sentient beings in the saha world who fail to practice right Dharma will be dragged into hell by the superficially virtuous words of the maras.

Demons are extremely vicious. They fight among themselves and undermine the right Dharma. They engage in improper sex without restraint and seduce Vajrayana disciples into leaving the righteous path. Sentient beings who are blind to this get confused and follow the wrong path. As a result, peaceful cultivation venues are disrupted, the earth trembles, and people are terrified.

Today, I am putting the highest practice of Tibetan Vajrayana down in writing. If I do not begin this task at once, I will have failed to honor my teacher, Padmasambhava; if I do not write about it now, it is by no means certain when the teaching of the Great Perfection will appear again. Writing about it today is a momentous occasion in heaven and earth and the most significant event in human history. This revelation is totally unprecedented in the Vajrayana Sect. The Holy Red Crown Vajra Master Lian-sheng is the universal rainbow light, an eternally imperishable treasury of brilliance.

Everything from my birth to my current Dharma propagation in America was foretold in Padmasambhava’s prophecies.

There are also several verses in the Vajrashekhara Yoga Sutra:

I take refuge in and pay homage to the great yoga hierarch

Who expounds the One Vehicle, Consisting of the Tathagata’s three esoteric treasuries

This vehicle is incomparable and the highest

The buddha’s uncommon transcendental wisdom is the only door to attainment of spiritual union and Buddhahood

One who awakens to this wisdom will achieve the pure Dharma body

All buddhas of the three times reached attainment through this practice

Therefore, Tathagatas pay homage to this authentic dharma.

This book, The Great Perfection of Vajrayana, contains inconceivable dharma teachings on empowerment. One who seeks accomplishment must study this book closely and rely on the teachings of an authentic vajra master when encountering complex topics. Upon being enlightened to the door of such a profound and secret treasury, one must teach others so that more destined beings can benefit. In this way, everyone can receive and practice this Great Perfection of Vajrayana, thus turning the Dharma wheel of the perfect holy teaching of the patriarch of the Ling Xian True Buddha School.

If one sincerely believes that encountering this teaching presents a rare opportunity, understands and appreciates the supreme excellence of the highest practice of Tibetan Vajrayana, has faith that Master Lian-sheng is a great enlightened wisdom holder and vajra acharya, and desires to take refuge in Master Lian-sheng, at dawn on the 1st or 15th day of a lunar calendar month, one can face east, place one’s palms together, pay homage three times, and chant three times “Namo guru bei, under the guidance of Master Sheng-Yen Lu, namo buddha ye, namo Dharma ye, namo sangha ye.” Also, mail your name, date of birth, address, and a discretionary offering to the address below. You will then receive remote refuge empowerment and bestowal of the Ling Xian True Buddha School lineage.


To contact Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-Yen Lu:

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