166 - Travel to Worlds Beyond

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       While I was in retreat at Leaf Lake, I cut myself off from the rest of the world and gradually became less aware of what was happening outside. However, the frequency of my spiritual traveling had increased. I discovered that the mind worked in many ways. Within the ten directions, there were thousands and thousands of events happening in different shapes and forms that were just too numerous to talk and write about.

        The book, Crossing the Ocean of Life and Death is a testimony to spiritual travel. I feel that it is an important book. It states that [lifeand death] is “the biggest event in life.” Those who cultivate will know where to go after death, while those who don’t will turn into illusive entities of ignorance, and drift within the cycle of birth and death.

        During my years in retreat, I suffered many illnesses. I asked the Buddha, “Why did this happen?”

        The Buddha replied, “It is natural.”

        “Why must there be the suffering of illness in life?”

       “Because you are very close to the summit of the mountain.”

       Since it was natural for my body to have such ailments, I did not care much about it then. Instead, I focused more effort on spiritual traveling during mymeditation. I discovered that the nature of the mind is limitless and boundless, and it is as wide as the ten directions. A lot of Buddhist theories could be proven and written through my spiritual travels.

        Let me tell you about a mysterious incident. When I came down with the “splitting headache,” it was the most excruciating moment in my life. My body could barely handle it and it caused me a great deal of anxiety.

        However, I sat down quietly and forgot about my body and mind. The mysterious state of selflessness emerged and as a result, a buddha appeared, radiating three beams of light upon me. Immediately, I was filled with dharma bliss and all of my afflictions disappeared. This was the most natural, genuine, happy and efficient way of liberation.

        In my spiritual travel, I performed mystical salvations. I arrived at an understanding of  “faith, understanding, practice, andrealization.” I came to know what “silence” was.

        This is my 166th book, which is about spiritual travels. As Iwrite this, I am filled with joy and the flavor of dharma.

        I feel that a life of spiritual traveling is not empty. It is in fact very meaningful.

        May all who read this book receive great deliverance.


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